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Renewable Energy Home Guide

Renewable energy is a form of electrical or mechanical power gotten from unstable sources; use to replace a different source of energy. Also, they are that energy produced without the chemical activities that involve splitting of atoms, or where fossil fuels are burn and the negative effect that goes with their use are felt, such as a high carbon dioxide emission, considered to be the major cause of global warming.


Solar energy is that energy the earth receives from the sun in form of a solar radiation through which electricity production is achieved by the use of devices such as solar batteries or panels. The conversion process of sun light into electricity can be done directly by the use of Photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly by the use of concentrated solar power (CSP). Photovoltaic uses photoelectric effect to convert light into electric current, while lenses or mirrors and tracking systems that is done to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, is used by the concentrated solar power systems. In retrospect, the sun’s energy that reaches the earth is composed of discrete ‘packets’ of energy called photons, and described by its frequency. The sun radiates photons over a range of frequencies with a related wavelength of speed light in a vacuum of (3 x 10^8 m/s), which can be utilize anywhere in the world, converted through a solar system to perform several functions, such as to cook food, heat water, heat buildings and most importantly to make electricity.

To implement solar power, the cost effectiveness and grants to help implement them in homes, can be done if one set’s up smaller systems that will act as a supplement power supply source to the normal power source such that, with photovoltics (PV) which costs 30 cents per kilowatt and 20-22 cents per kilowatt for solar thermal plants, solar power will still be cost effective, which on the long run, can be a great way to help save the cost of utility bills and a significant amount of money. In addition, when batteries are added into the system, it will help a great deal to preserve power. Though, if one wants to power the whole house with solar panel, the cost should be at a price tag of $50,000 fee for an initial investment. Also, grants are available for districts and people who need a little help as regards the finance to pay for a solar electrical system. In this regards, interested persons most especially teachers can be trained on how to implement solar power into their homes and classrooms.

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Wind energy is a form of energy in which kinetic energy are converted into electrical or mechanical energy through the use of turbines. It is also a renewable energy source produced from the movement of wind across the earth. The practical use of wind turbines to harness wind energy to create electricity, can be achieved by the two basic designs of wind electric turbines, of the vertical-axis style, and the horizontal- axis (propeller-style) machines. In this regards, to generate electricity from wind, a generator that produces electricity is propelled by the kinetic energy of the wind, when the blades or turbines are turned.

Wind energy can be gotten at a reduced cost in homes; because it is cost effective and people who depend on them as their sole source of electricity will not be affected in time of an increase in fuel price, as the cost of their energy will remain the same. This is due to the fact that they rely solely on wind, and the turbines can be bought by any person who wants to experience its benefits. Wind energy has great rewards on why it should be implemented. Besides it being, a free and clean energy source, it also increases the value of home owner’s property and can be built by any one. Grants are available for wind power generation, and a variety of funding opportunities to install them, and to ease the establishment of new facilities. Also it is cost effective and available in the market. 

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Geothermal Energy has its power derive from the earth’s interior parts. When mined, its source of natural heat can be utilized to produce electricity. The technology behind this form of energy involves heat extraction which produces steam gotten, when heat from underground water move turbines to drive electric generators. In this regards, holes are drilled and water is pumped into them, and is usually very common in hot regions.

To implement geothermal system in single-family homes, it is advisable to simply install them. Though, their cost is considered far more expensive than other forms of energy, but there is usually a payment period of several years sufficient enough to pay off the costs of installations. Also, for geothermal energy grants, Geofund is approved to promote the use of geothermal energy so as to increase the demand for its project, to actualize the production of a clean and pure energy.

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