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Short Sale Document Checklist for Real Estate Agents

This article provides a list of documents a seller's agents needs to put together for a short sale

NOTE: If the sellers are not using a real estate agent to help with the sale,
some of these items may need to be provided by the seller(s).

Checklist for Seller’s Real Estate Agent

Signed Purchase Agreement or Sales Contract

Both the sellers and the buyers will need to sign and date this document. If changes are made to the original contract, Addendums must be added, signed and then dated by the sellers and buyers as well.

Listing Agreement

The agent submits a listing agreement that is dated and signed, stating both the start and end dates of the home’s listing. The commission amount should be noted in the listing agreement as well.

Bank Sales Addendums

The seller’s lender provides these documents and all parties involved in the short sale must sign and date them.

Decline of Value

This form explains the reasons that the shortsale property has declined in value. It should include as much detail as possible to help increase the chance that the short sale purchase is approved.

Seller Net Sheet or HUD-1 Sheet

This form is dated and signed by the seller’s agent.

Copy of List as it Appears in Local MLS

The lender requires a copy of the listing, exactly as it most recently has appeared in local MLS listings.

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