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Short Sale Forms & Letters: Letter of Authorization

Many forms and other forms of paperwork will be required from different parties involved in the short sale process. The following are some helpful examples of some of the forms and letters that may be required during this transaction.

Sample Short Sale Letter of Authorization

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To (Lender):
(Seller's social security #, Mortgage Company, Property address and Loan #s)

SUBJECT: Letter of Authorization

This letter is to authorize ____________ (agent name) to speak to you regarding my current loans with your lending organization. _____________ (agent name) is gathering information to help me resolve the current default situation of my mortgage. This authorization includes payment history, balances, procedures for resolving the current loan status and other relevant information that _______________ (agent name) may ask about my loans.

If you are the incorrect contact for this authorization, please forward the form to the proper contact within the organization and keep my agent informed of the correct contact person.

Agent contact information is provided below.


____________________________ (signature)

____________________________ (date)

____________________________ (printed name)

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